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My name is Michelle Main and I am the Founder and CEO of U Can Change Your Life. My company was created as I was searching for ways to improve my deteriorating health. At that time, I was also looking for something to do from home that would divert my attention from how sick I was and how bad I felt. I was also looking for a way to make money from home.

When I was 16, I needed to have surgery to have Harrington Rods (steel rods) implanted into my spine, as well as have a vertebra removed from my spine. Part of my hip bone was removed and implanted in my spine to replace the removed vertebra. This was due to a deformity. The condition I had was called Kyphosis. It is similar to Scoliosis.

Unfortunately, since then, I have been involved in 3 car accidents, experienced two falls at work and four at home. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Chronic Pain. I have gained 74 lbs since the accidents, medication, inactivity etc. I was so sick & tired of being sick & tired...and BROKE! I had no life and could barely do anything! My son was missing out on having a healthy mom that could do things with him and I was afraid that I wouldn't see him grow up. That is when I had took my health and my financial future into my own hands. My body had become so toxic from all the pain medication that I had been taking and it had taken its toll on my liver. As did all the fast food I ate because of my physical inability to prepare meals for myself and my family.

On my search, I came across a company called Neways International. Neways manufactures non-toxic, non-carcinogenic personal care & cleaning products. They also had safe cosmetics and skin care. Neways is now called MODERE.

With all the medications that I have been on, it had been impossible for me to lose weight.

To further complicate things, a 7 cm fat pad was found near my heart while I was being diagnosed with Pneumonia. This terrified me, as my Dad died when he was 43 years old of a massive heart attack. This was my wake up call. There are many reasons for people to decide to change their life. The most common is necessity (a health scare).

That same week, I came across a Company called Isagenix. They produce a nutritional cleansing and fat burning system. My first 9 days on the program, I released 17.5 lbs and 21 inches. Within 6 months, I had released 48.5 lbs & 49 inches. This has been perfect for me because I had been told by my Naturopath to remove the toxins from my home and my body. Isagenix helps me do that everyday. For everyday ailments, I use Essential Oils by Young Living.

I choose to live a healthy lifestyle and continuously learn and improve what I am doing. I am in this for the rest of my life and I am passionate about helping others. What I can tell you here is that I feel fantastic! I am in my forties & people are guessing my age at late twenties to early thirties! How cool is that?!

It is my life's purpose to help people who are ready to change their lives. I specialize in teaching and training in groups or on a one on one basis on how they can achieve freedom. Freedom to be healthy, to live the life they desire and design and if they so choose, …financial freedom. I welcome the opportunity to share my story with others either in a small group or corporately.

I am passionate about educating people to empowering them to make healthy choices for them and their family. At U Can Change Your Life, we believe anyone can create a beautiful life for themselves and their families. Contact us today to see you we can help you spread your wings and take flight.

Sincerely wishing you abundant health, happiness and prosperity,

Michelle Main
Founder of U Can Change Your Life
Healthy Lifestyle Consultant & Cleanse Coach
Speaker, Trainer & #1 International Best Selling Author
Certified NLP Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
Member of the Cancer Prevention Coalition
Healthy Business Coach
Networker & Connector Extraordinaire
Owner of Canadian Networker Simcoe County 

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